Energy of youth will stimulate Sibu economy, says Tiong

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing

SIBU: The energy of youth is needed to stimulate the local economy and revitalise the community for the good of Sibu, said Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.

The Dudong assemblyman hoped youths in Sibu would consider staying back in their hometown to grow, develop and start businesses here.

“After learning some skills and knowledge in other places and accumulating some necessary experience, please consider coming back to transfer that knowledge and skills to Sibu.

“Use the talent and experience you have garnered. Break the mould, introduce more investments and resources to create a future with more development potential and opportunities for the generation after,” he said in his social media platform on Sunday (Jan 23).

Acknowledging the impact of a global economic disaster, he said he was aware that young people find it difficult to find resources and accumulate wealth and also to attain positive social mobility.

“Against this backdrop, young people are facing greater challenges in finding their own place in the world,” he added.

Nonetheless, Tiong reminded youths to not give up on themselves in the face of difficulties.

“Embrace your youthful energy and cheer up, because you have the courage to face any challenges in life.

“I believe that as long as you have perseverance you will be able to get through the challenges of building a good life and strong business.

He said starting from scratch is never easy and that in the process of building a career on their own strengths, what they have experienced in their journey, will give them the wisdom to gain a firm foothold in society and business, certainly more than young people with relatively little experience.

“Therefore, no matter what family background you come from, you should try to build a business from scratch with your own strength and leverage the latest technology and social media to create your brand and presentation and then integrate into the international market for more business opportunities,” he said.

Meanwhile, as the countdown to the Chinese New Year (CNY) begins, the 2022 Sibu Gateway Bazaar has started its operation by giving opportunities to up to 70 booths.

“This Bazaar will be a platform for the youth and entrepreneurs to communicate and learn from each other on making their enterprises more advanced and competitive.

“With this, participants can also expand their network, make new contacts and perhaps even find new suitable partners to collaborate to bring products and ideas to market,” he hoped.

Tiong, at the same time, also announced a grant of RM50,000 to the STARTUP Entrepreneur Association of Sarawak, as an additional resource to help more young entrepreneurs start their business ventures.

“I appeal to everyone during the 10-day Bazaar, while revelling in the Spring Festival, to not forget to abide by the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to prevent infection,” he added.

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