Engineers keep tab on cracking clinic building

Marudi firemen observe at the cracks in and around the clinic building.

MIRI: A total 11 soil movement spots were detected around Long Lama Health Clinic building this morning (July 5).

Following an investigation done by Marudi firemen around 10.30am, it was observed that the cracks have become worse since last month.

The observation also discovered that one street lamp located in front of the clinic is tilting.

Tagging the cracks to get more organised data on the cracks.

According to Miri Fire and Rescue Department chief, Supt Law Poh Kiong, the observation team believed that heavy rain could have caused the cracks to keep growing.

Last Tuesday (June 30) the ground below the clinic collapsed, causing big cracks at the front patio and surrounding roadside and the lanes at nearby staff quarters.

Public Works Department (KKR) engineers from Kuala Lumpur and Miri were rushed to the site to do their investigation.