Enhancing public awareness via IOW programme

Donny (left) talks to the residents of Rumah Dom during the IOW programme.

TATAU: The implementation of Info On Wheels (IOW) programme has helped increase public awareness of the laws against human trafficking and smuggling of migrants in the country.

The IOW programme is being conducted by the Information Department (JaPen).

On Friday (July 9), the department held the programme at Rumah Dom, Lubok Keranji in Sungai Tatau, Selangau.

Tatau district information officer Donny Minggu Ling said the campaign is an initiative of the department to inform the public on human trafficking and smuggling of migrants, especially to communities living in rural areas.

“Sources of information from social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other applications, related to human trafficking or smuggling of migrants are limited in the rural areas.

“A face-to-face communication is important to relay accurate and valid information to these communities so that they are not left out of development or current issues,” said Donny.

An information officer distributes brochures to the residents.