Enough’s enough! SMC says it’s time for action now

Ting (left) inspects SOP compliance at a coffee shop in Sibu.

KUCHING: The authorities have had enough. Prompt action will be taken against both errant shop owners and patrons who provide and patronise dine-in services in Sibu.

Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Clarence Ting said the dine-in services in Rejang Park, Sibu have elicited numerous complaints and feedback from residents.

“I have asked the police and SMC enforcement to take action. Must bring these coffee shop owners and their patrons to the station. Compound them. They are risking their own safety and those living in the area,” he said.

Ting also said there have been many complaints over businesses that refused to close amid the movement control order (MCO) in the district.

“This is despite them not being an essential trade service. What is wrong with these people?” he asked in a Facebook post on Sunday (Jan 17).

The SMC chairman said if the errant shop owners do not appreciate the government’s efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19 then maybe the police will have to move in.

“I hope all of you will stay safe. Even though the positive cases are getting fewer, it doesn’t mean this outbreak is under control,” he said.

He said the public should remember that the full extent of the situation is not known yet as the screening results from the indoor stadium has not been released.

On Saturday, Ting had appealed to non-essential businesses to stop operating temporarily in view of the MCO.  

He said the purpose of the movement restrictions was to limit the movement of the people, adding businesses could apply to reopen once the situation returned to normal.

Following checks on shops in Sibu town by police on Saturday, it was found that while most of the shops were closed, there were a handful selling non-essential items that remained open.