Enthralling DBP’s ‘Aum Romude’ performance

KUCHING: Staff members of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) Sarawak Branch made a smash of it when they wowed over 200 theatre fans with their performance in ‘Aum Romude’.

The theatre play was showcased on Friday night (June 24) at DBP’s Balai Budaya and it was held in conjunction with DBP’s 45th anniversary.

Deputy Minister in the Premier’s Office (Corporate Affairs, Information and UKAS) Datuk Abdullah Saidol, Datuk Dr Adi Badiozaman Tuah, DBP Sarawak Branch director Abang Haliman Abang Julai, FINAS Borneo director Mohammad Rizal Mohammed and other dignitaries were present to watch the theatre play.

The one-hour play tells a story about a group of warriors who are mastering up a plan on how to save their beloved state of ‘Gapura di Bawah Gunung’ from being invaded after their king was murdered by a foreign adventurer.

Among the characters in the theatre play were Nek Kebayan, Pelita Alam, Toge, Tok Pembesar, Apoi, Sigat, Indu, Dang Layu, Puteri Serapi, Gergasi, Lehot and Mat Kilat.

DBP Sarawak Branch deputy director Jaafar Hamdan was the director and scriptwriter for the theatre play.

After the theatre play, Abang Haliman presented a souvenir to Abdullah before a group photo-taking session with the cast of the theatre play.

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