Yap, Kapitan Lee Tho Fung and MPP officers carry out final inspection on the cleared public drain and sewage pipe at 7th Mile area.

KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Public Complaints Bureau will continue to lend a helping hand to members of the public with problems but do not know how to solve them.

Its chief Wilfred Yap recently received a complaint and request for assistance on a clogged sewage pipe and public drain behind some shop houses opposite the Kota Sentosa Market.

The complaint was immediately communicated to the Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) and the blocked drain and sewage pipes promptly cleared and repaired.

In a press statement on Thursday, Yap who is also an MPP councillor, expressed disappointment that the clogged public drain and sewage pipe was caused by food waste.

“I hope all food operators will act responsibly by not disposing food waste into public drains,” he said in the statement.

He said MPP officers would issue a reminder to coffee shop owners to ensure that all the sinks in their shop were installed with properly maintained strainers or grease traps to prevent outflow of food waste from being channelled directly into the drain.

“I hope all food operators will be more civic minded as we all have a common duty to protect the environment. A clean and hygienic environment will also attract more customers for the food operators,” he said.

He added that the bureau would remain fully committed to serving the rakyat regardless of race, religious and political inclinations.

Anyone requiring assistance can call SUPP PCB mobile number at 016-7797688 or 082-246999 or go direct to SUPP head office to request for assistance.