Excellent student attributes success to commitment, grit

Congratulatory message of MRSM Betong to its SPM 2020 students.

BETONG: It is not easy to prepare for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the candidates to pay full attention to the learning process online and obtain excellent SPM results, the effort is indeed commendable.

This is because students not only need to be 100 percent committed but need to persevere to exert their mental strength.

Haiqal Hazwan

Excellent SPM student, Haiqal Hazwan Mohd Hanafi, 18, who scored 8As admitted that he faced various challenges while preparing for the exam.

The MARA Junior Science College (MRSM) Betong student said, it was not easy to fully focus on online learning.

“I also had to share a laptop with my siblings because they also need it to study,” he said.

Haiqal admitted that Additional Mathematics was among the most difficult subjects.

He shared his bitter and sweet experiences throughout the preparation for the exam.

“There were times when our classes had to be conducted online because the teacher received quarantine instructions,” he explained.

Haiqal also shared his experience of facing the postponement of the SPM trial examination.

Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) Betong.

“We were quarantined in the hostel because there was a Covid-19 case in our school,” he said.

Meanwhile, Haiqal intends to further his studies at the International Islamic University (UIA) in science.

However, if given the opportunity, Haiqal would prefer to further his studies abroad.

Haiqal Hazwan

His advice to other students, especially those facing SPM, is not to waste time but to take advantage of the available time.

“Continue to persevere in striving and always pray to God for success,” he said.

Meanwhile, his father, Mohd Hanafi is proud of his son’s success.

“Parents are definitely proud and happy when their children succeed,” said Hanafi.

There is no denying that the SPM examination this time will be even more challenging because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Students will be fully tested on their mental strength and enthusiasm.

Still, it is not an obstacle if the students are not easily discouraged and resilient in the face of any challenge.

Congratulatory message of MRSM Betong to its SPM 2020 students.