Dullah (fourth right) with John (third left), Iskandar (third right) and participants of the visit programme to PMU.

MUKAH: Cooperation, support and exchange of information is very important in order to increase the knowledge and preparation of lecturers in the successful accreditation of the Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBoT) for the Construction programme at Bintulu Vocational College.

“With such cooperation, we can raise the name between Mukah Polytechnic (PMU) and Bintulu Vocational College (KV) in order to provide new spirit and dimension for General Technology workshop lecturers to further strengthen the full accreditation of MBoT,” said PMU director Dullah Muluk.

He said this during KV Bintulu lecturers’ visit to the polytechnic last Friday morning.

A total of 10 KV Bintulu lecturers led by the deputy director (academic), John Atung, came to visit the polytechnic to get exposure on the management of the department in the implementation of teaching and learning as well as assessment.

Among others, the visit was to gain exposure in store management, assets and inventory as well as maintenance, quality assurance and Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), as well as final year project implementation and on job training.

Earlier, John explained that one of the objectives of the visit was to meet the full accreditation requirements of MBoT to conduct benchmark visits to other educational institutions and improve the preparation of workshop lecturers in terms of file preparation.

“In addition, the visit will increase the knowledge of workshop lecturers related to the workshop environment of the Department of Civil Engineering at PMU,” he explained.

Also present were PMU deputy director Iskandar Reduan; PMU head of Civil Engineering Norhayati Abdul Wahab; Head of KV General Technology Department Plawun Kimli; Head of KV Construction Technology Programme Nurazilla Ahmad Bohari and lecturers from their respective departments.