Exemption for unvaccinated folk

By Nazrinzulaiqa Hasbi

KUCHING: Several exemptions should be made by businesses that only allow vaccinated individuals into their premises.

In a poll by New Sarawak Tribune, members of the public suggested that this exemption should be extended to those who are not able to get their Covid-19 vaccine due to issues such as age and health conditions.

They said while the decision to adopt the policy — to allow only those vaccinated to enter supermarkets and other public places — is good to ensure public safety, it should not curtail the rights of those who could not be vaccinated.

Anis Wahida Amran

Anis Wahida Amran, Student

The elderly with chronic diseases should be exempted from showing a vaccination card. The reason why they didn’t receive their jabs is because they have health problems. They also want to shop for necessities such as groceries.

Hanafiah Ahmad

Hanafiah Ahmad, Teacher

Those who should be exempted from showing vaccination cards are those who have just given birth. They have not been vaccinated because their immune system is still weak. 

Cindellera Janar

Cindellera Janar, Student

Pregnant women and those who have allergies should be allowed to enter business premises. Expectant mothers cannot receive the vaccine because it might affect the health of their unborn baby, while several of those with allergies are refrained from being vaccinated as to avoid adverse side effects.

Shahrul Udin

Shahrul Udin, Offshore worker

The exemption should also be extended to women who are less than 14 weeks and more than 33 weeks pregnant. They cannot receive the vaccine as it is not be suitable for the health of the growing baby.

William Ngo Siong Lung

William Ngo Siong Lung, Sales executive

Pregnant women should be excluded from showing their vaccination cards because they haven’t received theirs.