THE expansion proposal of Kampung Sungai Cabik Matang will be resubmitted in the upcoming 12th Malaysia Plan.

Urban Development and Resources Assistant Minister Datuk Len Talif Salleh pointed out that the Land and Survey Department had proposed the project in the Integrated Kampung Expansion Scheme (SPK) for Kampung Sungai Cabik/Kampung Matang Batu 10/Kampung Gita/Sungai Maong in the 11th Malaysia Plan as well as during its Half Term Review, but it was not approved.

He said this in reply to a question from Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman (GPS-Tupong) yesterday.

Len Talif added that this scheme would involve an area of 81.3 acres with an estimated 400 residential lots.

“The total cost involved is estimated to be RM63 million, at current cost,” revealed the Kuala Rajang assemblyman.

He added that the infrastructure specifications will include tar-sealed roads, concrete drains, and basic facilities such as water and electricity.