Experience helps to boost confidence

Kristine Lee. Photo: Munirah Zhamri

KUCHING: Her experience in broadcasting and journalism over the past two years has helped Kristine Lee a lot to boost her self-confidence.

According to the TVS Mandarin news reader, to further increase her confidence, she will do a lot of training in the studio to ensure that there are no mistakes while delivering the news.

“Other than that, to overcome the nervousness (every time before reading the news), I will assume the camera is just like someone looking at me and after that, I will calm down and stay focused and ready to convey informative information to the audience,” said the 39-year-old to New Sarawak Tribune recently.

Further elaborating, Kristine hoped she would look more professional on television in the future.

“A professional is not only in terms of appearance but in terms of capability to convey information,” she said, adding she would always improve her weaknesses especially in terms of pronunciation and also to upgrade her knowledge in current issues.