Express boat carrying 27 passengers catches fire

The back part near the engine of Bangawan Laju express boat emmitting smokes yesterday.

MUKAH: A total of 27 passengers of express boat named ‘Bangawan Laju’ yesterday became panicky and anxious when the back part of the boat near the engine suddenly caught fire while the boat was heading to Daro from the Sibu boat jetty.

Sarawak Zone 4 Fire chief Senior Fire Officer 1, Abdul Muttalib Rashid said the incident occurred in the morning when the boat was on the way to Daro. The fire that started suddenly near the boat’s engine burned out some parts of the boat.

He said the fire was extinguished by the crew members of the express boat and all the passengers were safe.

“However, the Operations Centre (PGO) of the state’s Bomba  today confirmed that the boat was withdrawn and placed in Batang Lassa,” he said when speaking to reporters yesterday.

The incident is still under investigation and losses cannot be ascertained until the investigation is completed later.