Face masks, gloves everywhere

DOWNSIDE … Millions of face masks have been issued to the people for free and not a few of these are being thrown all over the places. Such irresponsible way of discarding used face masks really does not help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Sadly, street cleaners such as this gentleman are the most exposed to the danger. Photo BY Mohd Alif Noni

by Mohd Alif Noni & Ramidi Subari

KUCHING: Millions of face masks, gloves and other personal protection equipment (PPE) have been issued for free to the people.

When these were being distributed out, the people were told on the need to have these properly disposed of because the Covid-19 virus might get trapped there.

But face masks and gloves are beginning to litter the city’s streets, roads and lawns, and street cleaners bemoan their chances of getting infected as they pick up pieces of these used items, cleaning them off from sight.

“Of course, they look unsightly, but the real danger is we cleaners are being unnecessarily exposed all because people are careless and unthinking,” said an elderly lady cleaner to the Sarawak Tribune yesterday.

Her male co-worker said he had picked up hundreds of face masks in hardly 30 minutes into his job yesterday.

“They are everywhere – in the drain, among the grass, at the backstreets and alley ways.

“I think the virus is everywhere. My prayer is Mother Nature will take control or this pandemic will not end so soon,” he said.