Fake vaccine certificate causes more harm than good


KUCHING: The public are of the opinion that the fake vaccination certificates sold will cause more harm than good to the public.

The illegal action will disrupt the government’s efforts to curb the transmission of the Covid-19 virus in the nation as well as insults hard work done by frontliners and vaccine volunteers in ensuring complete vaccinations for Malaysians.

A message purportedly offering to sell fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates went viral on social media on Sept 18.

New Sarawak Tribune met with fully vaccinated individuals on Saturday (Sept 25) to get their views on the issue.

Mohd Zahid Ahmad Zaki

Mohd Zahid Ahmad Zaki, 23


The government’s efforts to prevent Covid-19 instances from increasing due to irresponsible management were severely hampered by the sale of the false vaccination certificates. I’ll admit that I’m concerned since the danger of infection remains while I’m outside, especially when I’m around individuals who haven’t had the vaccination. Such organisations must be mindful that their acts of self-interest may endanger the safety of others.

Norshaqirah Hasbi

Norshaqirah Hasbi, 24


I think it is not fair for individuals who buy fake vaccine certificates to get the same rights as those who have already completed the vaccine. This is because we do not know who we meet outside. I advise individuals who wish to acquire such rights to get the vaccine. I also advise premises owners to check the vaccination status in the MySejahtera application or the official physical vaccination card for those who do not have MySejahtera.

Valerie Kumang Bryant Young

Valerie Kumang Bryant Young, 22


This has a negative impact especially on those who have completed vaccination. If the individual who purchased the fake vaccine certificate enters a public place, this can increase the risk of Covid-19 infection in the area. I would like to remind those who bought these fake certificates that their actions can have consequences. As responsible Malaysians, we must think rationally.

Ezry Saleh

Ezry Saleh, 21


This harms those who have completed their vaccine. If a person who does not want or has been completely vaccinated manages to enter a public place using a fake vaccine certificate, that could increase the likelihood of people in the area getting Covid-19. This can be avoided by getting the full dose or even avoid going to public places.

Nur Haszuanie Hasbi

Nur Haszuanie Hasbi, 19


This disrupts the government’s efforts to curb the number of cases. What is even more worrying is people who are not vaccinated are of a higher risk and can contribute to the increase of Covid-19 cases in our country. Those who buy the fake vaccine certificates need to be aware that their actions could affect the safety of others.