Dr. Sia (fifth left), Galong (sixth left) and Annie (eighth right) during a Sarawak Day visit to present gifts to Bantar and her family.

KAPIT: Bantar Rajang, 35, received a surprised visit from three groups at her home here on Wednesday (July 22), Sarawak Day.

They included Deputy Kapit Resident Galong Luang, Malaysian Red Crescent Society Kapit Chapter (MRC) led by chairman Dr Sia Tih Kong and Sarakup Indu Dayak Sarawak (SIDS) headed by chairperson Annie Anthony Belikau.

The visitors presented baby milk powder and kitchen items to Bantar and her family because she gave birth to four babies (quadruplets) at Kapit Hospital last year.

The family is from the low income group as Bantar’s husband, Dingai Dumbang, is a lorry driver while she herself sells fried chicken in town to supplement their income.

Bantar has given birth seven times to 10 children. Unfortunately, out of the four babies, one did not survive. The other three are now a year old. The couple are from Rumah Ajut, Nanga Sewawang, Baleh.

In the Kapit Hospital record, this is the first time, a local mother delivered quadruplets in 2019. Triplets were recorded some 20 years ago, also from a local mother.

Quadruplet pregnancy is extremely rare, occurring once in 512,000 (1, 2) compared to twins. Quadruplet pregnancy has higher maternal and perinatal complication including eclampsia, gestational hypertension, diabetes mellitus, preterm birth and infant dead.