Farmer killed in ravine plunge

Bintulu firemen retrieving the victim's body that was trapped under the vehicle.

BINTULU: A farmer was crushed to death after his car went out of control and plunged down a ravine along Jalan Rumah Mekai Sungai Binyo Pandan, Ulu Sebauh.

Sarawak Traffic Police chief Supt Alexson Naga Chabu who confirmed the case, said the accident happened around 4 pm on Wednesday (May 12) when the victim was heading to the farm near the longhouse.

“Unyat Luwis, 67, was said to have lost control of his vehicle before it plunged down a slope, about 20 meters down from the road.

“Villagers only found the victim at the scene the next day (May 13) around 3pm after they launched a search party to locate the victim who did not return home,” he said.

Following the finding, firemen from the Bintulu station were summoned to retrieve the body.

Despite the operations being difficult due to dark conditions, rescuers managed to retrieve the body around 9.45 pm.

The body was handed over to the police to be sent to the hospital for a post mortem.