Fashion ride with Choppsicked Motorcycle

The owners and co-founders of Choppsicked Motorcycle Shop, Nasri (left) and Amin (right) at their workshop.

KUCHING: Motorcycle riding is a way of life for many, a thrill for some and a hobby for an affluent few.

Whatever the reason, a motorcyclist will always get a nice breezy feeling as he or she revs up the engine on the highways.

Many motorcycle owners love to refashion their motorcycle interior and exterior body designs into fashionable model.

For the two young men in Kuching city, modifying motorcycles has provided an opportunity to showcase their talent while also earning money.

Abdul Muqhaimin Rizuan, 25, and Nasri Nasaruddin, 28, are the owners and operators of Choppsicked Motorcycle, a motorcycle renovation workshop at Ang Cheng Ho Road.

While many businesses have been impacted and some have even gone bankrupt as a result of the pandemic, these two young entrepreneurs made a bold move to set up a motorcycle modification business.

Abdul Muqhaimin, also known as Amin by his friends and customers, is co-founder of the Choppsicked Motorcycle Shop.

Amin’s interest in the realm of motorcycle modification began when he saw a photograph of a cafe racer motorcycle at school.

A café racer is a genre of sport motorbike; it is a regular manufactured bike that has been modified by its owner and designed for speed and handling for short distance trips.

Since then, he has aspired to set up a motorbike repair workshop, which he was later encouraged to do by Nasri.

Amin previously worked part-time at his house doing small engine capacity motorbike modification work while still studying at the Kuching Polytechnic and later worked at a construction company.

He decided to leave his work in 2019 to pursue his passion for motorcycle modification full-time due to his profound interest in the world of modification and motorsports.

“It was difficult to survive at first since not many people were aware of the hobby of motorcycle modification at the time.

“Beginning in 2020, many people became interested in motorcycle modifications. Various sorts of vintage style motorcycles were available in the market at the time, and I also uploaded my work on Facebook at the time until now,” said Amin, adding that he has changed from small to large engine motorcycles since then.

Amin stated that despite having been active in motorbike modification for five years, he still has a lot to learn.

He received inspiration and ideas from well-known names in the world of motorcycle modification both within and outside the nation, such as Maxwell Hazan and Nodie Azmil from Peninsular Malaysia.

Furthermore, he watches a lot of motorcycle modification videos on YouTube and learns from those who are experienced in motorcycle modification.

“Even though I have my own shop, I still learn and ask experienced experts how to cut motorcycle frames, wiring, and motorbike engines,” Amin explained.

Meanwhile, Nasri stated that he decided to start a firm with Amin because he saw the potential in his work.

“Aside from that, I see that the Kuching market is in desperate need of workshops that handle motorbike modifications and restorations.

“We target clients who own vintage motorcycles and those who want to restore their motorcycles while also offering affordable price to our customers,” he said.

They both intend to sell motorcycle replacement parts as well as providing motorcycle renovation, restoration, maintenance and towing services.

“We also sell T-shirts, key chains, helmets and motorcycle accessories such as handlebars, fuel tanks and numerous other items,” Amin said.

He noted that motorcycle modification in the state has not been as competitive as in the Peninsula or neighbouring country, Indonesia.

“Various renovation show events are hosted in Malaya such as Art of Speed, which highlights the creative talents of young people in the field of motoring.

“The outcomes of motorbike modification in Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia are amazing,” he added.

The two young men are optimistic that with experience and exposure, they could eventually compete with the best in the market.