Fatin Majidi — On the right note

Fatin Majidi

The rise of video-sharing platform YouTube has contributed a lot in helping aspiring and independent artistes grow their careers. In 2011, Sibu’s talented young singer Fatin Majidi saw the opportunity and utilised the platform to pursue her childhood passion in music.

Creating her own style of music

Fatin is happy that she is able to generate an income through YouTube.

Singer Fatin Majidi’s parents describe her passion for music as extraordinary. Born and bred in Sibu, Fatin loved music when she was a toddler.

“Usually, girls would ask for a barbie doll or a cooking toy set.

My parents told me that I asked for musical instruments such as a xylophone, keyboard, and even
shakers to play with,” said the 28-year-old.

Though she could not recall the exact time she started showing interest in music, she remembered
feeling happy and at peace whenever she listened to songs on the radio.

“My parents also said that I had an excellent memory when it came to memorising lyrics.”

Growing up listening to tunes of different genres, Fatin said that she was influenced by songs she heard from her older siblings. “Each of them had different preferences in music. As the youngest, I am used to listening to everyone’s favourites.”

Her first time singing in public was during her days in kindergarten. At the age of four, Fatin showcased a glimpse of her talents during her schooldays. “My parents told my teacher that I loved to sing. So, my teacher asked me to perform for Teacher’s Day. I sang the nursery rhyme ‘Apple Round, Apple Brown’ in my first public performance!”

Not one to fear the stage, Fatin then tried to join RTM’s Bintang Kecil audition. Although she managed to register for the audition, Fatin did not ace her audition as she came unprepared. However, the experience taught her to always be ready for future competitions to avoid disappointment.

Fatin displayed a glimpse of her talents during school years.

As her passion for music magnified in primary school, Fatin started to learn music formally. “My dad saw my interest and sent me to music classes to learn the piano and accordion.

He owned a traditional dance and music club, and was always very supportive. I also started to hone my skills as a musician and dancer at his club.”

Known by many during her schooldays as the ‘walking radio’, the Chinese-Malay-Bidayuh lass’ interest in performing arts grew day
by day. One day, decided to pursue a career in music.

Currently, the outstanding vocalist has over 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel “Fatin Majidi”. Inspired by a Youtube cover of American singer Marie Digby, Fatin signed up and uploaded a video of her first cover in 2011.

“Initially, I just did it for fun. I did not expect my channel to expand outside my circle of family and friends. I also did not realise that I could earn an income from YouTube.”

Fatin often sings covers from different artistes and genres and does not have a single genre that she focuses on. “I don’t mind singing heavy metal, alternative rock, or even hip-hop. I sing what I love! But usually, I will rearrange the composition to ‘Fatin
Majidi’ style.”

Aside from covers, Fatin also has several originals on her YouTube — some that she composed and some by other composers.

“Although most of my originals lean more towards love songs, fans can look forward to more in the future.

Follow your dreams

An old photo of Fatin during her first public performance at four years old. Clad in an apple costume, Fatin was asked to sing the nursery rhyme ‘Apple Round, Apple Brown’.

Ever since she was young, Fatin has always been one to follow her dreams. Asked whether she would quit singing and switch to a career in the office, Fatin said music and her were inseparable. “Even if I
work in an office, I will continue doing music. It is a part of my life, and it is really hard for me to quit.”

While working towards our dream is important, Fatin advises against blindly following your heart without thinking much about the consequences.

“In life, we will have those who support us, and also those who are not happy with what we do.

Before we go for our dreams, we have to first consider if it will put others at a disadvantage.

“Don’t be hasty in your decisions, and always give your best in everything. Take criticism as a motivation for you to move forward and improve. If we fail, it does not mean that we have chosen the wrong path. It just means that we have to try harder in achieving our goals,” she added.

Currently pursuing her Master of Arts in a university in Indonesia, Fatin said that singing as a career was subjective. To her, having a stable job is not just about getting a stable, monthly income and permanent position. She views having a stable career as being happy and comfortable at work.

“I’m thankful to have a stable singing career as I get to earn from the videos I upload on YouTube. Though it’s not a fixed income, I’m happy as I get to sing and still make a living,” said Fatin.

For those wanting to pursue a passion in music, Fatin encourages them to go for it.

“But before anything, you have to learn not to give up. Even though you will feel demotivated, you have to soldier on.”

Speaking from experience, Fatin said that as a singer, the initial stages were full of uncertainties.

“But the more I work on it, the more I feel less like giving up. Hard work will never betray you. This is something I uphold till this day.”

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