Fear of not able to kiss grandkids prompts centenarian to get vaccinated

Som Raman, 103-years-old to receive her vaccine at Dewan Wawasan 2020 PPV.

KANGAR: A centenarian here, decided to get her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine today (July 7) for fear that she would not be able to hug and kiss her grandchildren anymore.

Som Raman, 103, who is affectionately known as Nek Som from Kampung Balik Guar is the oldest individual in Perlis to be vaccinated at the Dewan 2020 vaccination centre (PPV).

“My daughter-in-law told me that if you don’t take the vaccine shot I cannot hug my grandchildren…in fact I can’t come in contact with anyone, for fear of getting infected with Covid-19.

“I love all my grandchildren, therefore I decided to get vaccinated to protect myself and the people around me,” she told reporters here today (July 7).

Fauziah Deraman, 65, said her mother-in-law always walks to her children’s house which is located about 100 metres from her house whenever she has free time. 

“However, during this current pandemic, I have been advising her not to go out and to stay at home to avoid from being infected with the virus.

“She was very sad and worried that she would not be able to see her grandchildren anymore and had asked us to register her for the vaccination,” she said.

Fauziah said her mother-in-law who has more than 20 grandchildren and over 40 great-grandchildren, is expected to receive her second dose of the vaccine on July 28. – Bernama