Festive season a blessing for vendors

Aminah at her stall, Borneo Bakers.

KUCHING: Covid-19 has had a major impact on businesses, especially small businesses such as those selling baked goods at the Kubah Ria here in Satok, who have seen their business suffer as a result of the pandemic.

But with Hari Raya and Mother’s Day coming up this month, along with Gawai Dayak next month, they are expecting more customers.

Even during the pandemic, the vendors who are mostly from Kuching, still come to the market every day to sell their freshly-baked goods.

They have acknowledged that the pandemic has cost them financially, but thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, they can sell and promote their products online.


Aminah, 50, from Borneo Bakers said that her business has taken a toll but she tries to utilise technology by promoting her business online.

“Business is not doing well because not many people go to the market. However, we try to promote our goods online which resulted in more customers who use the cash on delivery (COD) method. For customers who live outside of Kuching, we send the cakes to them via postage.

“Since it is now the festive season, demand is high and luckily we have lots of ways to promote and sell our products other than selling it in store,” said Aminah who sells kuih lapis (layer cake) and snacks.


Another vendor, Syafizah, 48, of Syafizah Kek Lapis, said although her business is doing well so far because of the festive season, the pandemic has given her difficulties.

“Every day, I would probably make about RM100 to RM200 in daily sales but now it is higher. However, sometimes I don’t make any at all due to the pandemic.

“My sales increase during the weekend when more people come to the market, especially during this festive season. We also follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) which enable us to sells our products in a safe environment,” she said.

A colourful display of kuih lapis.

Sharifah, 48, from Zue Kek Lapis said although her business was affected by the pandemic, she tried to keep her business going by selling her goods online and providing COD service for customers.

“Our sales are quiet low. We used to make hundreds a day but nowadays it is harder to find customers and some people do not even bother to buy bakeries for the upcoming celebrations since the pandemic is still looming over us.

“It is unfortunate but we still keep the business going by selling online and sending our cakes to those in Malaya by postage.

“I hope the pandemic will end soon so we can manage our business as usual, especially during festive seasons.”

Sharifah at her stall, Zue Kek Lapis.
Various types of snacks for sale.