Financial independence starts with cake business

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KUCHING: Not one to ask her parents for pocket money, Nur Khadijah Fatin Saadi decided to set a goal for financial independence by selling cakes.

Nur Khadijah Fatin Saadi

The 21-year-old entrepreneur set up batekkku.official in 2019 to sell Kek Batik, a type of Malaysian fridge cake dessert inspired by the tiffin.

According to her, she had to find money to cover her expenses when she was studying at the Matang Vocational College back then.

“I still remember the first time I made Kek Batik, it was burnt.

“I kept trying until I finally managed to produce the desired crunchy texture and I’ve kept that (crunchiness) recipe until now.

“When I started selling Kek Batik, my customers were my fellow students, lecturers and staff of Matang Vocational College as well as family members,” she said, adding that at the time, the response was encouraging.

This Diploma in Industrial Machine Technology graduate said a year after going into business, she started selling her cakes widely.

“Now, I can sell up to 30 of the cakes, especially during festive seasons or during promotions. I can make a gross profit of up to RM1,000.

“As bookings increase, I also hired an employee to help me — we usually start at 10am.

“Apart from that, customers can pick the cakes up themselves either in Demak Laut or Tabuan Melayu.

“At the same time, I also provide delivery services and also deliver to Gaya (a boutique located in Metrocity, Jalan Matang),” she said, adding that she would usually replenish stock at Gaya once a week.

Looking back, Nur Khadijah Fatin, or fondly known as Dijah, said earlier last year, she had to stop selling Kek Batik as she had to undergo an internship in Selangor.

However, due to the increasing cases of Covid-19, her practical training, which was supposed to last for six months, was only for three months.

After a month stranded in Malaya, she finally managed to return to Kuching and ever determined to resume her business.

“While the number of Covid-19 cases was getting bad, this didn’t interfere with my Kek Batik sales.

“After two months of resumption, I started doing dropships to Kota Samarahan, Bau and Serian.

“Usually, I or my team members will deliver the cakes to the dropship agents after working hours.

“Apart from receiving orders around Kuching, I have also received orders from Johor and for that, I use the courier service.

“For remote areas but still in the state, I will use delivery services by bus,” she said, adding that she welcomed anyone who wants to be a dropshipping agent to contact her.

When asked how she ensures that her Kek Batik sent using courier service remains fresh and edible, Dijah said she only used the service for customers who order Kek Batik that does not use any cheese ingredients.

She added that she would also triple the Kek Batik wrap – after being placed in a box, the box would be wrapped with aluminium foil and finally, cling wraps.

“So far, there have been no complaints about the freshness of my cakes because I advise them to put the cakes in the fridge as soon as they receive them.

“I just have a problem whereby sometimes the customers receive it in good condition and sometimes, not so.

“I’m still researching this, namely on how to ensure the cakes are delivered in fine condition.”

batekkku.official offers up to 11 types of Kek Batik flavours, priced from RM8 and above.

Among the flavours are original, moist, Cadbury, Cheese, Chococheese, Indulgence, Nutella Cheese, Burntcheese, Chocolate Almond, Horlick as well as Biscoff Indulgence. Customers can choose different sizes.

They can also mix and match flavours and for birthdays, they can choose Batik Tower with prices starting as low as RM25.

Look for batekkku.official on Facebook and Instagram or contact Dijah at 018-9750208.

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