Fire victims receive help from various quarters

Penguang (second right) visits the fire victims in Tinjar.

KUCHING: Victims of a recent fire that destroyed Rumah Jeff Anchum, a 24-door longhouse at Bukit Limau in Tinjar have received assistance from various parties.

Local Government assistant minister Datuk Dr Penguang Manggil said the assistance in the forms of finance, building materials and food were provided by him, Marudi District Disaster Management Committee and others.

“I hope those things could help ease their burden,” he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (April 13) after a visit to the fire victims earlier in the day.

Penguang said he also made it known that more assistance would come from the disaster committee and state government.

“Once again, I offer my condolences to the victims and hope that all of them persevere in the face of the catastrophe. I also hope that their affairs will be eased after this,” he said.

The Marudi assemblyman also expressed his appreciation to agencies under the disaster management committee, councillors, community leaders, non-government organisations and other parties who assisted the fire victims.

Earlier this month, the longhouse, located about 117km from the nearest fire station and only accessible by a logging road was razed to the ground leaving 180 people homeless.

Zone 6 fire chief Supt Law Poh Kiong said an initial report received from the longhouse village chief, Tuai Rumah Jeff Anchum, said the fire broke out around 7.30pm.

Nine firemen in a utility van and a four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle from Lopeng fire station were deployed to the scene upon receiving a distress call around 8.16pm on Monday (April 5).