Firefighters go beyond duty to aid mum

A fireman from Bau fire station shops for basic necessities for the quarantined mother and her family. (Right combo) The donated necessities being delivered to the needy woman at her home in Kampung Grogo.

BAU: When firefighters are not dealing with fires, floods or any sort of emergencies, they will be busy helping the community.

At about 11.55am on Monday (July 19), a mother contacted the Bau fire station control room for immediate help to deliver daily necessities to her home in Kampung Grogo.

It is understood the caller was under home quarantine order and that her child’s supplies had run out.

Following the call, two fire officers went to buy the items at Everwin Supermarket.

Among the items listed by the mother were a pack of baby milk powder, a pack of baby diapers, a pack of rice, a tray of eggs and others.

The fire officers later delivered the basic necessities and left them outside the caller’s home.

The department explained that it provided humanitarian services by sending food baskets or daily necessities to the public, especially those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bau fire chief Tawang Lingem said it was the first ever call for such humanitarian service received by his station.

“For the record, the caller who contacted the control room is a relative of one of the firemen and the items were sincerely donated to her.

“The items were also purchased by my men using their own money,” he said, but declined to reveal the total money spent as the men did not want it to be known.

Following this case, the Sarawak Social Welfare Department was informed about the matter for its immediate attention.

He stated that the family of 10, aged between three and 72, were all being quarantined at home, which explained why they were incapable of helping themselves.

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