Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

KUCHING: Yesterday, being the first day of school was an eventful one for parents and children alike – especially those sending their children off for the very first time.

While some children may have been teary-eyed at the prospect of separation from their doting parents, others were keen to mingle with new friends and embark on their new journey.

Shahminan Ahmad

Stepping into the bright environment of SeDidik Perdana UTC at the Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) Kuching here, yesterday, New Sarawak Tribune met with parents to interview them about first day antics.

Civil servant Shahminan Ahmad, 38, said that his son had been ready very early to start school without any tantrums or tears.

“We as parents had exposed him earlier on to the condition at school by bringing him on visits to the school before the school session started,” he said.

Nur Azreen Zaidel

According to him, his son was quick at adapting to new situations and seemed very comfortable at the SeDidik Perdana UTC taska.

Meanwhile, the day was especially meaningful for polytechnic lecturer Nur Azreen Zaidel, 30, who was dropping off her child at the taska for the first time.

“This morning, he seemed alright – even excited to go to school.

“When he arrived here, he seemed a bit shocked. I think it is because he doesn’t yet understand the situation here and he has not adjusted to school yet,” she said.

Erin Katok

However, she said that he had been calm and had not cried at all.

For human resources admin Erin Katok, 35, this was the second year she was sending her child to taska.

“When we left from home to send her to school this morning, she did not shed a single tear. However, she began to cry for a while upon arriving here,” she said.

She guessed that her daughter was not used to the school environment after the long break, but she soon adapted.