Fish galore at Mukah market

Various types of fish are available at the Mukah fish market.

MUKAH: The fish market in Mukah may be smaller than others, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in variety and its fresh supply of fish.

A large variety of fish can be found at the market such as mackerel, pomfret, terubok, stingray, and many more.

For fish lovers, fish caught in Mukah is said to have tastier (sweeter) flesh compared to fish caught in other parts of Sarawak.

Not only that, Mukah is also rich in various other seafood products such as bubuk (krill shrimps) and payak (red shrimps).

According to a fisherman, they would catch double the amount they usually catch from the end of February to June.

“Now is the beginning of the payak season. Payak is delicious if it is boiled with lemongrass and eaten with dipping sauce made using soy sauce, calamansi juice and chillies.

“It is also tasty if it is made into cucur (fritters) as well as salted shrimps.

“The same goes for bubuk — the main ingredient for making belacan and cencaluk. In fact, it is really good to be made into cucur too,” he added.

For the locals, seafood season is a great time to gather with relatives or friends especially during weekends.

While enjoying fresh seafood, they can also take the opportunity to strengthen their relationship.

Bountiful harvest of krill shrimps (bubuk).