Fishing boat and crew detained

The fishing boat seized by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, Tanjung Manis Maritime Zone.

TANJUNG MANIS: The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, Tanjung Manis Maritime Zone today detained a Class B local fisherman boat about 3.5 nautical miles northwest of Tanjung Manat around 11.30am (July 26).

Tanjung Manis Maritime Zone Director, Maritime Commander Mohd Ariz Md Kassim said all four crew members including the “tekong” were local men between 23 and 60 years old.

The boat, its fishing gear and mixed fish weighing approximately 240 kgs were seized and taken to the LKIM Jetty, Tanjung Manis for further investigations by the Investigating Officer, Tanjung Manis Maritime Zone.

Ariz explained the Malaysian Maritime Zone of Tanjung Manis had received complaints from traditional fishermen that there were still class B and C fishermen who fished in unauthorised areas. 

“We will constantly improve our monitoring, patrols and take action against boats that violate licensing conditions under the Fisheries Act 1985,” he said.

For complaints of criminal activities and emergencies at sea, the public can contact the Sarawak State Maritime Operations Centre at 082-432544 or MERS 999 which operates 24 hours.