Fishmonger brings business online

Thanks to social media, Chung (left) and his friends are able to sell their fish.

MIRI: The Covid-19 outbreak, which brought around restricted movements and limited contact, has hit every sector hard and small hawkers are no exception.

It is no doubt that small- and medium-size businesses are struggling during this period, which saw their sales plunging while the number of Covid-19 cases soared.

In order to increase profits, a fishmonger at the Luak farmers’ market has embraced modern technology to help boost his sales.

Realising the power of the internet, Jac Chung who is in his 40s has started using social media platforms such as Facebook to market his fresh fish.

What makes Chung unique is that he’s not only selling his own items, but he’s also helping other small hawkers at the Tamu Dato Haji Ahmad Lai Luak Bay Market to sell theirs.

His Facebook account ‘Ikan Fish’, which has nearly 2,000 followers, has attracted buyers from around Miri with goods selling like hot cakes.

On his account, Chung posts pictures of the fish that he’s selling and uses the social media platform’s ‘live’ feature to communicate with customers.

“I would mention the price (per kg) for the fresh fish that I’m selling and secure deals with customers after negotiating the price.

“I will later deliver the fish to them for free,” he said when met today (Jan 6) by New Sarawak Tribune.

According to Chung, he has been using social media to sell his products since the first movement control order (MCO) was implemented last year in March.

He said ever since embracing it, his income has gradually increased.