Five areas in Kanowit flooded

The Bomba's Kanowit flood monitoring infographic.

KANOWIT: Five areas in Kanowit district were affected by floods yesterday.

According to the State Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) operations centre, the affected areas were two longhouses, Rh Ling and Rh Stephen Untai in Jalan Melalun; SJK Sing Shing; SK Ulu Bawan and SK Balingiau.

“As of 2.30pm, three areas (Rh Ling, Rh Stephen Unai and SJK Sing Shing) are experiencing rising water levels.

“Meanwhile, at SK Balingia, the water levels remain static while at SK Ulu Bawan, the water level is subsiding,” said the report.  

At two of the longhouses, the water was three feet deep while in SJK Sing Shing, the water was about one to two feet deep.

The water level remained at three feet in SK Balingiau while at SK Ulu Bawan, the water was slowly subsiding.

So far, no victims were told to evacuate their areas during Bomba operations.