Five gambling syndicates crippled, 72 arrested

Ahsmon (centre) along with his subordinates holding up photos of the wanted men who are members to one of the online gambling syndicates.

KUCHING: Since June this year, the district police have crippled five online gambling syndicates and arrested a total of 72 individuals involved in the operations.

District police chief ACP Ahsmon Bajah revealed that in about two months, they have conducted a total of 14 raids around Kuching on premises believed to be used for online gambling call centres.

“From the raids, we have managed to recover profits of about RM15.07 million based on the records which were not deleted by the suspects. We believe that there is more money than this recovered figure.

“In the same period, our teams have arrested a total of 72 individuals consisted of 52 men and 20 women.

“Of the figure, 40 are locals and 32 are foreigners. In addition, 34 of them are already charged in court,” he said in a press conference on Monday (Aug 2).

Ahsmon indicates (on the board) the online gambling syndicates that were crippled from June to Aug this year.

He added that the police also seized 44 full set of computers, various phones and other items used in the online gambling operations.

Ahsmon stated that they have crippled four gambling organiser call centres and a major gambling organiser call centre that plays the role of accounts keeper.

This major syndicate is in charge of looking after the bank accounts of gambling operators who are involved in the other syndicates.

“Investigations found that this syndicate was handled by a 25-year-old man who was arrested by our team on July 11. (Related story:

“We believe that the suspect is indeed the account keeper to all four syndicates. Overall, five syndicates and its players were arrested within this period,” he pointed out.

Aside from that, the police are currently locating for four syndicate members aged between 24 and 31, to assist in the investigation.

The public are urged to channel information to the police, should they come across these men.

Ahsmon informed that these online gambling syndicates have recently changed their modus operandi as they used to operate in luxurious residence but, now they are operating in normal house to hide from the authorities.

The public are urged to be on the lookout for these four wanted men aged between 24 and 31, and channel information to the police if they come across these suspects.