Five most sought-after courses among Sarawakians

Form Five and Form Six students queue up for the temperature checks. File Photos: Mohd Alif Noni

KUICHING: Courses and universities in Malaysia are plenty.

When selecting a university, students need to make sure whether it falls into each category for a suitable course. Also, it is essential to understand the popularity of a course.

Select the right university for the right course that has been recognised by the Ministry of Education, and make sure that they have every facility needed for the selected course.

Five most sought-after courses accumulated from several top universities like Swinburne University, Unimas, SEGi College, Limkokwing University etc are:

Art and Design

If you are looking for a degree that allows you to use your imagination and creativity, a degree in arts and design will also establish your credentials for several amazing and fun careers. Art and design has become one of the top courses for Sarawakians as it prepares them for many careers such as artists, graphic designers, illustrators, interior designers and many more.

Business Management

Finance and accounting is a lucrative field and graduates or professionals are in high demand. Whether you opt for general business management or specialise in the course such as Masters, the business field has always been the top course taken by Sarawakians because it gives them the qualification for a great future when they graduate.

Mass Communication

Sarawakians choose mass communication as one of the top courses to study due to the wide selection of career opportunities, as mass communication is an exciting and fast-paced field. Career options like journalism, advertising, broadcasting and also public relations. Students are able to work in different fields, and society depends heavily on media.


Another course that is in demand is engineering. Though it may not be the easiest course to study but the reason why Sarawakians choose it is because of the high demand and good salaries in Malaysia and also globally. The prospects of graduating from an engineering course are not only beneficial from a financial perspective, but also from the job demand standpoints.


Last but not least, much like the business field, the medicine field is also in high demand. Since medicine is a broad field, students can choose a major or minor course to focus on. Doctors are also a high demand job whether in Malaysia or globally. Financially, this field gives high salary but time wise it will be hectic. There is nothing better than seeing people joyful and healthy while knowing that you play a big role in restoring their health.