Five new Covid-19 clusters declared in Kuching and Simunjan


KUCHING: Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has declared five new Covid-19 clusters in Kuching and Simunjan.

“In Kuching, the Kampung Paya Mebi Cluster involved 29 people from the village in Jalan Landeh.

“Out of the 29, 21 tested positive for Covid-19, including the index case, while eight tested negative,” SDMC said on Thursday (July 29).

The Kampung Quop Cluster involved residents from a few houses in Jalan Kampung Quop, Batu 10, Kota Padawan.

Nineteen people were tested and of the total, 12, including the index case, tested positive  while seven  tested negative.

“The Kampung Senari Custer, also in Kuching, involved residents from a village in Jalan Kampung Senari, Jalan Bako with 64 people tested.

“Twenty-five, including the index case, tested positive while 39 tested negative. Yesterday, the cluster recorded one new case.”

The Telaga Air Cluster involved residents from a few houses in Jalan Kampung Telaga Air.

“Thirty-five people were tested, and of the total, 34 tested positive, including the index case, while one tested negative.”

In Simunjan, the Sungai Mangga Cluster involved workers and occupants of a workers quarters at an oil palm plantation in Sungai Mangga.

SDMC said 160 people were tested with 55, including the index case, positive for Covid-19.

“Out of the 55, 16 were locals while the other 39 were foreigners.”

Meanwhile, 105 people from the cluster tested negative. The cluster also recorded 53 new cases on Thursday.

SDMC also announced the end of five clusters after no new cases were recorded in the past 28 days, namely Putai in Bukit Mabong, Kampung Tabuan Haji Drahman, Iris Garden and Kampung Taba Sait in Kuching and Lorong Perlis Empat in Miri.

“There are still 78 active clusters, with only seven recording an addition of 65 cases while the remaining 71 clusters recorded no new cases.”

In another matter, SDMC also declared enhanced movement control order (EMCO) in six new locations.

“Rented rooms above a car wash shophouse in Bintulu is under EMCO from July 27 until Aug 9.

“From July 28 until Aug 10, both Rumah Ajah Umkar, Sungai Serupai Bau and Rumah Nibong Kerokoh, Sungai Entajam in Tatau are under EMCO.”

The workers hostel at Kompleks 2 Ladang Sungai Mangga, Tersak and Tanjung Melano in Simunjan and Kampung Senari in Kuching will begin EMCO from Friday (July 30) until Aug 12.

In Bau, Kampung Bunga Rampai will be under EMCO  from July 31 until Aug 13.

Besides that, six locations have ended EMCO on Thursday, namely Rumah Jerah, Balai Sare in Sarikei, Rumah Dennis at Sungai Klampai and Rumah Jangan at Nanga Gong Ulu, Senulau Budu both in Saratok, Rumah Kelabit, Engkalat in Betong, Kampung Tabuan Melayu in Kuching and Rumah Belayong Buang, KM22 Jalan Bintulu/Tatau in Bintulu.

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