Five new locations to undergo EMCO

KUCHING: Five new locations will be undergoing enhanced movement control order (EMCO) from Monday (June 21).

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), in a statement on Monday, said EMCO would be implemented from June 21 to July 4 at three locations in Sri Aman District — Rumah (Rh) Majeng, Kampung Po Ai, and Rh Kedeni and Rh Mengga, Kampung Batu Besai.

“EMCO will also be implemented at the Balingian Power Generation (BPG) workers quarters in Jalan Sibu-Mukah in Mukah District, and Rh Gabriel Ikau, Sungai Lepah in Tanjung Manis District from June 23 to July 6.”

On another note, SDMC said that EMCO had been lifted at nine locations.

“EMCO ended on June 20 for Rh Bair Mam, KM28, Jalan Samarakan in Tatau District as well as Rh Setinggan Batu 6 and Rh Clement Bayang, KM30 Jalan Bintulu-Tatau in Bintulu District.

“As for Rh Rentap, Sg Rayah, Bintangor in Meradong, Rh Barang, Sg Melinau in Bukti Mabong, Rh Patrick Andin Uli, Sg Serakit in Sebauh along with Rh Kelly Kumpang Langgir and Rh Banying Kumpang Langgir, Engkelili in Sri Aman, the EMCO was lifted on June 21.

“The EMCO in Rh Damai, Sg Lelabi, Bintangor in Meradong will end on June 22.”

Meanwhile, SDMC revealed that the district of Limbang had turned to yellow status from green after two local cases were detected on Monday.

The number of yellow districts now stands at six while only one district is green.

“Beluru District returned to orange from red after 39 local infections were detected in the past two weeks. This decreased the number of red districts to 31 while the orange districts increased to two.”