Five telco towers installed in Beluru

FIle photo: Telecommunication Tower.

KUCHING: A total of five telecommunications towers have been installed in the Beluru district.

These are meant to help improve the internet connectivity for the area said Local Government Assistant Minister Datuk Dr Penguang Manggil.

“For 2020, five telecommunications towers have been installed in Long Toyut, Simpang Sungai Peking, Sungai Menok near Lapok, Long Marigam and Kampug Kuala Bok.

“The Sarawak Multimedia Authority said they would focus on northern areas such as Baram for the implementation of telecommunication towers next year,” he said in a Facebook post on Friday (Nov 6).

Penguang said for the Marudi constituency, the electricity supply project was currently being implemented by the authorities despite some issues that need to be resolved.

“For the Tinjar Phase Two water supply project from Sungai Seruas to Sungai Labau (Rumah Joseph Senin), the letter awarding the contract has been issued and the project is set to commence.

“Meanwhile for Phase Three, it will involve the whole of Tinjar which will be implemented under the 12th Malaysia Plan. For the area of Long Tisam, it will be implemented under Sarawak Alternative Water Supply Project (Sawas) Phase Three,” he said.

The Marudi assemblyman said there were other areas that needed to be supplied with clean water which he was working to get allocation for the projects.

“The Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) director has also given his commitment to help us in this matter,” he said.

There are still a lot needing to be done to ensure all Marudi dwellers enjoy basic facilities and amenities in their area to the same level as their counterparts in other constituencies, Penguang pointed out.

“But as for the last four years, these are what we have achieved. Regardless, I will work harder to ensure that the people in Marudi continue to enjoy basic facilities they deserve,” he said.