Fix dilapidated pier at once

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing

KUCHING: A dilapidated floating pier in Jalan Temple, Sibu is in disrepair, and Bintulu MP Tiong King Sing is urging the Sarawak Rivers Board (SRB) to take immediate action.

In a statement issued on Monday (July 6), Tiong expressed his disappointment with SRB for leaving the pier in disrepair for a long time.

“The pier adjacent to Sibu’s Eng Ann Teng Tua Pek Kong Temple is in the town’s main waterway transportation area but is in bad shape.

“The safety of the people using this infrastructure should be paramount.

“Thus, SRB should work with the Public Works Department (JKR) by taking immediate steps to conduct the necessary inspections, upgrades, and maintenance work on this floating pier and its wharf.

“It is sorely disappointing that the authorities have failed to give it the proper attention needed for so many years, with the structure left to become dangerously dilapidated.

“Do they deliberately turn a blind eye to these broken-down structures or choose not to conduct inspections on weekdays?” he questioned.

“SRB needs to despatch officers to inspect the pier and wharf structures there immediately to plan and arrange for upgrades and reconstruction work.

“This cannot wait, for the sake of the safety of hundreds of locals. Their safety must be guaranteed and not left to chance.

“Must we allow a tragic accident to occur before the officials leave their office seats and do their work?”

“People from all ages take boats here every day and maintenance works were carried out frequently during my childhood here.

“Sad to say, the conditions are in such a sorry state, with even the mooring of boats becoming another problem,” he added.


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