The poor condition of the futsal court which requires attention of the authorities for immediate maintenance works.

SARATOK: Athletes and fans of futsal in this district urged the authorities to take care of the sports’ development like any other popular games here.

Many Saratok youths have high interest and great talent in the sports, therefore they need more exposure.

What is to be expected is for the children from this district are to be able to stand as high and sit as low as the great teams in the state.

Citing a Facebook post uploaded by one of the youngsters using the name Edek Panthera, his intention was to raise this issue on behalf of the Sarawak youths.

According to him, futsal players, especially the local teams, often received visits from teams around Sarikei, Kabong and Debak.

“In fact, friendly matches are always held to expose our friends to new experiences which subsequently improved the quality of the youth game here in the hope of being able to stand as high and sit as low as any great team.

“However, the obstacle to the progress of our youths is the facilities such as the futsal court which is in poor condition,” he said.

Nevertheless, he expressed gratitude for the available utility of the Lakis futsal court and JKR futsal fourt rather than having none.

“At least there is a place for the youths to relax in the evening and at night. However, deep in the corner of our hearts, we want better facilities.

“The court often gets wet due to rain so sometimes, futsal matches have to be postponed.

“It’s not that there is no effort by the youths but they are helpless; the least they can do is only to sweep and mop.

“Not to mention the uneven surface of the court. This is actually very dangerous for the safety of the players,” he said.

Therefore, he added, the youths here hoped the government would repair the existing court.

“It is already good enough.

“However, we consider it a priceless gift if a new futsal court can be created for futsal players and enthusiasts in Saratok district. This is truly our dream,” he explained.

He hopes that the desire and ambition of young people in Saratok district to jump higher will get the support of the government.

“Who knows, one day we may be able to enhance the name of Saratok district in a prestigious competition,” he said.