A scene of the upper part of Sungai Tellian near Kampung Tellian Ulu.

MUKAH: The Sungai Tellian floating market proposed as part of XtraTourism under the new development initiative, MukahXtra, is expected to be launched at the end of this year.

Tellian assemblyman Yussibnoh Balo hoped that the project would help in sustaining Mukah division in the tourism sector.

The proposed floating market will help in protecting the river and preserving the culture and heritage of the locals. This is in view of the river being one of the most important sources of livelihood of the people here, said Yussibnosh.

“Sungai Tellian has been chosen as the centre for this project because it is suitable as it has historical site such as ‘jerunei’; a homestay, Lamin Dana; and a mini museum, Sapan Puloh,” he told a press conference before he officiated at a simple launching ceremony of MukahXtra at Tellian State constituency Service Centre here on Monday.

Sungai Tellian also has other attractions including the socioeconomic activities of the locals, which certainly would woo visitors to see and experience the life of the Melanau, he pointed out.

Perhaps this is able to be done through adventure such as finding sago worms in the forest, river cruising, evening boat ride and watching cultural performance, he noted.

Yussibnosh, who is also former Balingian assemblyman, hoped that the spill-over from this project would benefit the people here, as it had been identified as a tourist attraction.

He said MukahXtra transpired from the first series of Mukah Division Tourism Strategic Planning workshop held here on Friday.

XtraTourism is one of the seven components of MukahXtra. The six other components are XtraCulture, XtraCreative, XtraEconomy, XtraYouth, XtraLocal and XtraSafe.