Flood situation in Sibu areas under control

The flood situation under control in SK Naman, Sibu.

SIBU: The flood situation around Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Naman at Jalan Sibu-Durin here, is under control despite the area coming under knee-deep water yesterday (Jan 14).

A spokesman for the Sarawak Fire Department operations centre said no evacuation was carried out since the school was not prepared to be evacuated.

Flood monitoring conducted from 9.55am to 11.30am by firemen from Sibu station, found that the situation was under control despite the weather being cloudy.

As of 12pm, the road leading to the school was under knee-deep flood water.

There are 58 students and 15 staff members as well as teachers in SK Naman, which is located about 34km from the Sibu fire station.

Meanwhile in Matu, the situation was at alert level with water levels in the river increasing due to the non-stop downpour which caused the roads in Kampung Jemoreng and Kampung Sekaan Besar to be flooded.

In Daro, the situation is under control with river water levels in normal condition, despite the rainy weather.

Meanwhile, in Kampung Judan Hilir and Hulu, the water levels were low and the water was receding.

Earlier, firemen found some roads in the villages flooded and the drains clogged due to non-stop downpour on Thursday night (Jan 13).

Among the areas monitored in Matu and Daro were Kampung Pantray, Kampung Tian, Kampung Bawang and Matu River banks.

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