Flood victims at evacuation centre increase

The flood situation at Kampung Long Bemang. A total 530 villagers from this village are affected by the flood.
The flood situation at Kampung Long Loyang.

MIRI: The number of flood victims at an evacuation centre (PPS) in Darulssalam Mosque in Long Lama under the Telang Usan district has increased on Saturday (September 4).

A total of 59 flood victims from 11 families were placed at the PPS since 4pm today (Sept 4), compared with 46 at 12pm.

According to the State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN) secretariat, the PPS has opened to flood victims on September 3 at 9pm to provide temporary shelter for flood victims at the surrounding areas after their houses were inundated.

Continuous rainfall since the end of August has caused several areas and schools in the interior parts of the Northern Region here to be flooded.

Within the Baram areas alone, about seven villages and 16 schools (15 primary schools and one secondary school) were flooded.

These villages are Long Panai, Kampung Long Ekang Baram, Kampung Kuala Tutoh, Kampung Long Loyang Tinjar , Kampung Long Bemang, Kampung Long Laput and Kampung Long Banyok.

The schools that are affected are SK Long Wat, SK Sungai Bong, SK Kuala Tutoh, SK Long Sepiling, SK Long Teru , SK ubong Imang, SK Long Loyang, SK Pengarah Enteri, SK Kuala Bok, SK Long Sobeng, SK Long Jegan , SK Long Panai, SK Long Bemang, SK Long Laput, SK Morek and SMK Tutoh Apoh.

In SK Morek and SK Pengarah Enteri, the flood waters have cut off access to the schools.