FLOODS : 15 longhouses unreachable

THE inside view of a longhouse whereby the common gallery is submerged by flood water.

SARIKEI: At least 15 longhouses in the Bayong area here are cut  off from the outside world due to floods caused by heavy rains since yesterday afternoon.

Among those affected were nine longhouses in Jalan Ulu Sarikei, six longhouses in Jalan Gerugu and some houses at Jalan Chien Jing.

 At the same time, Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (SJK) Chung Hien, Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Asun and SK Balong were reported to be also flooded and had to be closed.

 “The monitoring results showed some of flooded area up to a level of six feet,” said Head of Fire and Resque Department of Sarikei, Suna Kaha.

 Affected longhouses were those of 46=door Rumah Nyuka, Rumah Entayan (23 doors), Rumah Padang (22 doors), Rumah Mawas (21 doors), Rumah Mering (14 doors), Rumah Balan (11 doors), Rumah Kol Ladong (17 doors), Rumah Libau (11 doors), Rumah Berundang (six doors), Rumah Tayan (24 doors), Rumah Gandum (34 doors) and ten-door Rumah Empaling.

Suna said, firefighters rushed to the scene after receiving a call on the matter. However, he said, they  failed to reach the scene because the roads were cut off in the area of Rumah  Andrew longhouse.

“There’s a bridge there which had been flooded to a level of four feet. So far, the number of people trapped are yet to be identified as  we cannot get to the scene, “he explained.

 In connection with that, a special meeting was held with Sarikei Flood Disaster Committee to discuss follow-up actions.

“We also have opened a flood operations room. So far, the highest level is more than six feet inundating SK Chung Hien and surrounding area.

 “Our members are on standby and on guard as well as monitoring the situation,” he said.

 In the meantime survey was also conducted by a political secretary to the Chief Minister’ Teng Ung Woo, police and various agencies.