Firefighters monitor the flood affecting two houses in Kampung Sejiran at Jalan Kebiau-Song.

SONG: Rainy weather throughout the weekend caused two houses in Kampung Sejiran at Jalan Kebiau-Song to be flooded last Sunday night (Sept 6).

According to the local Fire and Rescue Department operations centre, a distress call concerning the floods was received around 8pm following heavy rain that started since 6pm.

Firefighters were then mobilised to monitor the flood in the area and found a couple of houses affected by two inches of water.

They proceeded to assist the inhabitants of the houses to move their possessions to higher ground.

Firefighters also monitored the flood at a nearby school whose staff members have been urged to contact the fire department if the level continued to rise.

A house at Kampung Muhibbah was also under 20cm of water.

After being informed at about around 12am, firefighters went to the place and helped move the villagers to move their electrical appliances to the upper floor.

The house inhabitants comprising three women aged 20 to 53 were told to be cautious considering that the water was rising.

So far, nobody has been evacuated due to the floods.