Floods in Kuching under control

The Sarawak River Barrage gates are open to flush out (drain out) the water from the Sarawak river into the sea. Photo: Ramidi Subari

KUCHING: The flood situation in this district is under control, said Sarawak Rivers Board (SRB) chairman Dr Murni Suhaili.

He said this was due to the board opening its barrages to avoid the Sarawak River from overflowing in areas prone to floods.

However, he warns that a more severe flood is on the cards for Kuching District should the water level in the river rises above 10 metres.

“We are discharging the river water in downstream areas to regulate the water level so that there is less water in the river and more water in the sea.

“If water is not released at this time, it will further complicate the situation, especially when combined with heavy rain,” he said today.

He explained that major floods happen when high tide occurs during continuous heavy downpour.

“During high tide, we cannot release water to the sea because both water levels are high,” he said, pointing out that the barrages will have to be closed during high tide.

Meanwhile, he advised residents living near rivers and low-lying areas to be extra vigilant during the rainy season.

“For those who are residing near rivers, there are telemetry stations located throughout the river that will sound a warning siren when a flood is coming.

“The stations will monitor the water level and notify the people when the water level is increasing,” he said.