Flying doctor service dates announced

Flying doctor service (FDS)

KUCHING: The Health Department has announced the dates for the flying doctor service (FDS) in Sarikei, Sri Aman, Sibu, Kapit, Limbang and Miri on Oct 4 to 15.

For Sarikei Division, FDS will be flying to SRK Kota (morning) and Rumah (Rh) Ajai, Ulu Entaih in the evening of Oct 4; Rh Barak (morning) and SRK Jambu (evening) on Oct 5; Rh Tawie (morning) and Rh Janting (evening) of Oct 6; Rh Enggie (morning) and Kemalih (evening) on Oct 7; Rh Bugie (morning) and SRK Ju (evening) on Oct 8; Rh Kiroh (morning) and Rh Umar (evening) on Oct 11.

For Sri Aman Division, FDS will be going to Rh Siba, Perdu, Ulu Spak in the morning and Rh Thomas, Banggai in the evening of Oct 12; Rh Munggu Sawa, Pantu (morning) and Rh Mamut, Langgir, Lingga (evening) on Oct 13; Rh Lidom, Sg. Paya, Menjuau (morning) and Rh Rimong, Begantong, Skrang (evening) on Oct 14; Rh Nyandang, Ulu Akup, Skrang (morning) and Rh Bada, Ng Talong, Ulu Engkari (evening) on Oct 15.

For Sibu Division, FDS will be at Rh Gayut in the morning and Nanga Arau in the evening of Oct 4; Rh Ansi (morning) and Rh. Asun (evening) on Oct 5; Rh Jarau, Jagau (morning) and Rh Unjau Poi (evening) on Oct 6; Rh Seliau (morning) and Rh Tuan (evening) on Oct 7; Rh Engkayau, Ulu Machan (morning) and Rh Janting (evening) on Oct 8.

As for Kapit Division, FDS will arrive at Rh Nuga in the morning and Rh Manila in the evening of Oct 11; Rh Liun, Ibau (morning) and Rh Messop, Ibau (evening) on Oct 12; Rh Berangan (morning) and Rh Sari (evening) on Oct 13; Long Singut (morning) on Oct 14; Rh Achau (morning) and Rh Layang (evening) on Oct 15.

Sungai Adang in Limbang Division will also be visited by FDS in the morning on Oct 4 as well as Pa’ Berunut (morning) and Pa’ Puti (evening) on Oct 5.

Lastly, for Miri Division, the FDS service will be at Long Lamai in the morning and Long Banga in the evening of Oct 6; Long Kelian (morning) on Oct 7; Ba’ Pakan (morning) on Oct 8; Long Sait (morning) on Oct 11; Ba’ Ajeng (morning) on Oct 12; Ba’ Data Bila (morning) on Oct 13; Long Lubang (morning) and Ramudu (evening) on Oct 14; Mandamot (morning) on Oct 15.

For further enquiries, contact chief assistant medical officer Ashley Dorithy at the Sarawak Health Department, Family Health Development branch at 013- 8416735 or Ashley at 082-473 200 (ext 268).