Flying doctor service resumes

KUCHING: The flying doctor service (FDS) for Kuching, Bintulu and Kapit divisions would be made available as scheduled, the State Health Department said yesterday.

The visits are planned between June 25 and June 30, the department said in a media statement.

The department reminded the people to stay put at their respective homes or longhouses while waiting for the FDS team to conduct the visits.

For Kuching, the team will visit Kpg Sapit, Kpg Rejoi Nyegol on the morning and evening of June 25; Kpg Kiding on the morning of June 26; and Kampung Muk Ayun and Kpg Bojong Sting on the morning and evening of June 29.

As for Bintulu, the team will make morning and evening visits to Rh Drick, Jelalong, Tubau and Rh Jerangku, Tubau on June 26; Rh Bakat, Ulu Kakus and Long Biyak, Ulu Kakus on June 29; and Rh Unang, Sigu and Rh Imban, Sigu on June 30.

Lastly, the FDS will visit Kapit on June 26 at Long Kajang and Long Abit on the morning and evening as well as Punan Busang and Lusong Laku on June 29. The team will also visit Long Tanyit on the morning of June 30.

For further details on the FDS service, the public can get in touch with the department’s Primary Health Care Unit senior assistant medical officer Sem Baling at 082-473268 or 016-5725040.