Flying doctor service schedule for October

Flying doctor service (FDS)

KUCHING: The Sarawak Health Department (JKNS) has released the dates for the flying doctor service (FDS) in Kuching, Samarahan, Sri Aman, Kapit, Bintulu and Miri divisions.

The service is scheduled to take place from Oct 16 to 31, and also depending on the weather.

Members of the public who have any enquiries can contact the assistant medical officer of the Family Health Development branch, Ashley Dorithy, at 082-473200 (ext 268).

For Kuching Division, the FDS will be going to Kampung Sapit in the morning and Kampung Rejol Nyegol in the evening of Monday (Oct 25), and Kampung Muk Ayun (morning) and Kampung Bojong Sting (evening) on Tuesday (Oct 26).

For Samarahan Division, the FDS will be going to Plaie Atas in the morning and Pendawan in the evening of Wednesday (Oct 20); SRK Tuba Tengah in the morning of Thursday (Oct 21) and Muding (morning) and Kampung Ijok (evening) of Friday (Oct 22).

Ng Bawie, Ulu Lemanak in Sri Aman Division will also be visited on Monday morning (Oct 18).

For Kapit Division, the FDS will arrive at Rumah (Rh) Ai anak Jalin and Sg Entawau, Bena, Baleh in the morning of Monday (Oct 18); Long Unai (morning) on Wednesday (Oct 20); Sang Anau (morning) and Batu Keling (evening) on Thursday (Oct 21); Long Jawe (morning) and Long Kebuho (evening) on Friday (Oct 22); Long Tanyit (morning) on Monday (Oct 25); Punan Busang (morning) and Lusong Laku (evening) on Tuesday (Oct 26) as well as Long Kajang (morning) and Long Abit (evening) on Wednesday (Oct 27).

Meanwhile, for Bintulu Division, the FDS will be flying to Rh Drick, Jelalong, Tubau in the morning and Rh Felix, Tubau in the evening of Monday (Oct 25); Rh Robert, Ulu Kakus (morning) and Long Biyak, Ulu Kakus (evening) on Tuesday (Oct 26) and Rh Renang Sigu (morning) and Rh Jaling, Sigu (evening) on Wednesday (Oct 27).

For Miri Division, the FDS service will be visiting these areas in the morning, namely Long Kawi on Monday (Oct 18); Ba’ Purau on Wednesday (Oct 20); Long Liau on Thursday (Oct 21), and Long Buken on Friday (Oct 22).