Flying doctor service to go on

Flying Doctors Service

KUCHING: The State Health Department on Sunday informed that the flying doctor service (FDS) for Sri Aman, Miri, and Kapit would be made available as scheduled.

The visits are planned from June 15 to 19 as confirmed in a media statement on Sunday.

On June 15, the FDS will be made available at Rumah Lidom, Sg Paya, Ulu Skrang in Sri Aman; Long Balau, Long Seridan and Ramudu in Miri; and Rumah Nuga and Rumah Manila in Kapit.

On June 16, the FDS team will be at Rumah Nyandang, Ulu Akup and Rumah Mamut Langgir, Lingga in Sri Aman; Madamot and Long Lubang in Miri; and Rumah Liun, Ibau and Rumah Messop, Ibau in Kapit.

On June 17, it will be available at Rumah Rimong, Begantong, Ulu Skrang and Rumah Siba Perdu, Ulu Spak in Sri Aman; Ba’ Purau in Miri; and Rumah Berangan and Rumah Sari in Kapit.

On June 18, FDS team will be at Rumah Bada, Ng Tekalong, Ulu Engkari in Sri Aman; Long Liau and Long Buken in Miri; and Long Singut in Kapit.

The FDS team will make their final stop at Ng Bawi, Ulu Lemanak in Sri Aman; Apau Nyaring in Miri; and Rumah Achau and Rumah Nyelang/Sibat in Kapit, on June 19.

For further details, those interested can contact the department’s Primary Health Care Unit senior assistant medical officer Sem Baling at 082-473268 or 016-5725040.