Flying doctor service to start on May 2

Flying doctor service (FDS)

KUCHING: The State Health Department announced the confirmed dates for the flying doctor service (FDS) in Sarikei, Sri Aman, Sibu, Kapit, Limbang, and Miri districts.

Communities from every district have been scheduled to receive medical attention and health-related services respectively under the FDS programme.

Starting from May 2, a team of doctors will be visiting different communities until May 12.

For the Sarikei district, the FDS will be visiting SRK Kota and Rumah Ajai, Ulu Entaih on May 3; Rumah Barak and SRK Jambu on May 4; Rumah Tawie and Rumah Janting on May 5; Rumah Enggie and Kemalih on May 6; Rumah Bugie and SRK Ju on May 7; and Rumah Kiroh and Rumah Umar on May 10.

As for the Sri Aman district, the doctors will by flying to Rumah Thomas, Banggai, Rumah Siba, Perdu, Ulu Spak on May 11 while Rumah Mamut, Langgir, Lingga,  Rumah Munggu Sawa, and Patu will be visited on May 12.

Rumah Gayut and Nanga Arau in Sibu district will be visited by FDS on May 3; Rumah Asun and Rumah Ansi on May 4; Rumah Kiroh and Rumah Enjah on May 5; Rumah Seliau and Rumah Tuan on May 6; and Rumah Engkayau, Ulu Machan and Rumah Janting on May 7.

On May 10, the FDS will be visiting Rumah Nuga and Rumah Manila of the Kapit district; Rumah Liun and Rumah Messop, of Ibau on May 11; and Rumah Nerangan and Rumah Sari on May 12.

Early May 3, the FDS will spend half a day visiting Sungai Adang at the Limbang district and Pa’ Berunut and Pa’ Puti (from morning till noon) on May 4.

In Miri district, the visitation will be at Bai’ Lai and Long Banga (morning and afternoon) on May 5; Long Sabai (morning) on May 6; Tanjong Durian (morning) on May 7; Long Kerong (morning) May 10; Ba’ Laman (morning) on May 11; and Ba’ Itam (morning) on May 12.

It is hoped that the communities in these areas can be present in their homes or longhouses to enable treatments during the FDS visits.

For any enquiries or more information, please contact assistant chief medical officer Junaidi Othman at the Sarawak Health Department – Family Health Development branch at 013- 8416 735 and Ashley at 012- 8597 750 or 082-473 200 (ext. 296).