Flying doctors to visit four divisions

KUCHING: The flying doctor service (FDS) for Simanggang (Sri Aman), Samarahan, Miri and Kapit divisions will be available from Sept 10 to Sept 18.

According to a statement by the State Health Department issued on Monday (Sept 7), the service will be conducted at 30 longhouse villages throughout the four divisions.

In Simanggang, the FDS team will visit Rh Rimong, Begantong, Ulu Skrang, Rh Siba Perdu and Ulu Spak on Sept 10, followed by Rh Bada, Ng Tekalong and Ulu Engkari on Sept 11, and Ng Bawi and Ulu Lemanak on Sept 14.

For Sept 17 and Sept 18, the team will visit three locations in Samarahan — Plaie Atas, Pendawan and SRK Tuba Tengah.

In Miri, the service will be made available at Ba’Laman on Sept 11, Tanjong Durian (Sept 15), Ba Abang (Sept 17) and Long Tebangan (Sept 18).

In Kapit, the team will make its stop at Rh Berangan and Rh Sari on Sept 11, Long Singut (Sept 14), Rh Achau and Rh Nyelang/Sibat (Sept 15), and Rh Tedong (Sept 17) and Long Unai (Sept 18).

For further details on the FDS service, the public can get in touch with the department’s Primary Health Care Unit senior assistant medical officer Sem Baling at 082-473268 or 016-5725040.