Flying doctors to visit six divisions

Flying doctor service (FDS)

KUCHING: The flying doctor service (FDS) for Kuching, Samarahan, Sri Aman, Kapit, Bintulu and Miri divisions would be made available as scheduled if weather permits, the State Health Department said.

The visits are planned between Apr 16 and April 27.

For Kuching, the FDS team will visit Kampung Sapit and Kampung Rekol Nyegol in the morning and afternoon of April 26 respectively, and Kampung Muk Ayun (morning) and Kampung Bojong Sting (afternoon) on April 27.

As for Samarahan, the team will be in Plaie Atas (morning) and Padawan (afternoon) on April 20, SRK Tuba Tengah (morning) on April 21, and Muding (morning) and Kampung Ijok (afternoon) on April 22.

In Sri Aman, the team will be made available at Rh Nyandang, Ulu Akup and Skrang in the morning of April 16, and at Rh Bada, Ng Talong and Ulu Enkari in the afternoon. On April 19, the team will be at Ng Bawie and Ulu Lemanak in the morning.

For Kapit, the team will visit Rh Achau (morning) and Rh Layang (afternoon) on April 16; Rh Al Anak Jalin, Sg Entawau Bena and Baleh (morning) on April 19; Long Unai (morning) on April 20; Sang Anau (morning) and Batu Keling (afternoon) on April 21; Long Jawe (morning) and Long Kebuho (afternoon) on April 22; Long Tanyit (morning) on April 23; Punan Busang (morning) and Lusong Laku (afternoon) on April 26; and Long Kajang (morning) and Long Abit (afternoon) on April 27.

As for Bintulu, the team will be in Rh Drick, Jelalong and Tubau (morning), and Rh Amit and Tubau (afternoon) on April 23; Rh Robert, Ulu Kakus (morning) and Long Biyak, Ulu Kakus (afternoon) on April 26; and Rh Renang, Sigu (morning) and Rh Jaling, Sigu (afternoon) on April 27.

Lastly, in Miri, the team will visit Long Buken (morning) on April 16, Long Sait (morning) on April 19, Ba’ Ajeng (morning) on April 20, Long Kawi (morning) on April 21 and Ba’ Data’ Bila (morning) on April 22.