Focus on Covid-19 first, election later

KUCHING: Locals here are in full support of Gabungan Parti Sarawak’s (GPS) view that holding a state election amid the Covid-19 pandemic is risky.

New Sarawak Tribune spoke to members of the public in a survey on Sunday (May 16), who were of the opinion that focus should be on curbing the spread of Covid-19 instead of holding the state election.

Some also said that the state election should be postponed as it would help flatten curve and prevent another wave from happening — like what happened during the Sabah state election last year.

They added th12that should the state election be held, then the state government and Election Commission (EC) should come up with a solution so as to not put the people’s health at risk.

Trinity Bungan

Trinity Bungan, Unemployed

It’s good that they want to focus on tackling the problem first because if we held the state election, we would be repeating the same mistake and another wave will start in Sarawak.

Emma Husun

Emma Husun, Student

The best time to hold elections is when the state has achieved herd immunity. I am confident that their decision to hold off the state election will help flatten the curve and increase the faith of Sarawakians in our leaders.

Nasir Osman

Nasir Osman, Lorry driver

The state government should focus on taking control of the Covid-19 situation which is unpredictable in view of the rise and fall in the number of daily cases. Should the state election be held, I’m sure that the people will not support it due to fear of contracting the virus and knowing the importance of staying healthy.

Nur Hazimah Basri

Nur Hazimah Basri, Administrative clerk

What’s important now is for us to keep Covid-19 under control to be able to move forward with the state election. If an election must be held, we hope that the state government and the EC could come up with some sort of solution so as to not jeopardise the people’s health.