Focus on personality development

Ahmad Faizal Osman

KUCHING:  Teachers can now focus more on the personality development of students following the cancellation of Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR), said teacher Ahmad Faizal Osman.

The senior teacher at SK Pulau Seduku Lingga, Sri Aman said teachers could also help cultivate students’ talents in the non-academic sector and education innovation.

“Teachers can now pay more attention and guide students who are weak in the 3Rs (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic).

“This is because there are still some students in Year Four, Five and Six who are struggling in the 3Rs,” he shared on a Facebook posting on Wednesday.

Ahmad, popularly known as ‘Cikgu Emmet’, added that mastering the 3Rs was important in ensuring that the students were fluent in reading, reading and  counting by the time they entered secondary school.

“The students then do not have to go through the reading and writing programme in secondary school. Hence, it is important for us to make learning fun when they are in primary school.

“Moreover, the classroom-based assessment must be conducted sincerely when evaluating the students’ achievements,” he said.

Ahmad also said that many teachers were relieved that UPSR had been cancelled. Doing away with it eliminates the pressure to achieve targets set by the school or district education offices.

“I am confident that teachers will be more focused as well as excited to teach elective subjects like arts. This is because there is no longer a need to use the time period for arts to teach Arithmetic or other core subjects, especially for the Year Six.

“The Year Six students will also no longer be burdened by extra classes in the afternoon and at night. We will be able to teach in a more calm and relaxed manner,” he added.

Ahmad pointed out that changes in education were bound to happen and there might be a need to wait for an assessment model in classroom assessment to replace the Specific Schools Admission Assessment (PKSR).

“For admission to Form One in full boarding schools, the PKSK can be prepared as it will give students from different level to attempt for the examination.

“I would like to once again urge for teachers and parents to change their mindset on primary school education so that it is not exam oriented. It must focus on good personality and soft skill development,” he added.